The stench of hard work and hours of effort kicks in half through the gate of the old one-story building located in the busiest part of the riverside by Buriganga. The flickering, fluorescent light uncovers hard built bodies as you cast your first glance through the barred windows, your first glance into the world of Bangladeshi bodybuilding.
It is said that the Old Dhaka Gym is the oldest gym in Dhaka. Some say it’s a hundred years old, but nobody really knows. The gym is open for anyone who wants to be a member and the cheap entrance fee includes a lifelong membership. Your social background does not matter. You could be poor or rich. Everyone is treated as equals – from rickshaw-pullers to businessmen.
It’s generally considered a fact that The Old Dhaka Gym is the best when it comes to bodybuilding. This is where you’ll get the best guidance and help. This is where the big boys hang out.